Gas Mass Flow Controller
Gas Mass Flow Controller

Gas Mass Flow Controller

Welcome to Viking Instrument & Control Ltd.

Viking Instrument & Control Ltd. is a manufacturer's representative selling instrumentation components, hardware and systems to the industries. Our product range is vast, with over 400 items in stock from select manufacturers that have been our trusted partners for years. You will find a range of industrial thermometers, process gauges, stainless steel fittings, air driven liquid pumps and components for reactor vessels – all tested and inspected to deliver high quality performance.

Viking strives to provide a high level of customer service along with a supply of high-quality, high-demand products manufactured by North American companies with strong reputations in their respective fields. A third-party audited Quality Management System is a mandatory requirement in many of today's high technology industries and Viking has proved to meet the standard with an ISO 9001:2008 certification. With a heavy investment in continuous innovation to meet the increasing demands of our clientele, our reliable products ensure high quality performance from air driven liquid pumps to components suitable for reactor vessels and everything in between.

Our team of dedicated professionals will cater to your every need to help spec the right product(s) for your projects and/or maintenance needs. Our field staff will arrange to meet with your technical staff on-site or provide solutions to your technical issues and requirements over the phone. The product lines represented by Viking include Ashcroft transducers, bi metal thermometers, air driven liquid pumps, high pressure tubing assemblies, units for reactor vessels, and much more. Unlike competitors who supply one to two components at a time, the immense variety at Viking Instrument and Control Ltd. gives us a great advantage in the industry.